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Baking Bahr

Tracking the Bahr's Baking Progress

26 July
This journal is to show off post progress of my kitchen adventures. Any logged-in viewer can post responses, and I will consider requests.

I'm going to try and be good about my tags, as well as recipes (I will likely be finding them off of RecipeZaar, so they'll just be links to the recipe itself, in that case). But photos will be included, of the finished product, if not the process of getting there.

I hope to post at least one new-for-me item a week. This is going to be baking-centric, making breads and cookies, primarily, but I'll also be trying pies, quiches, and anything else I can shove in the oven and use as an excuse to utilize my stand mixer.

Okay. This LJ is basically going to chronicle my adventures with my new stand mixer.

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